Crestron Zūm Wireless is a locally integrated lighting control system with various global control options.  Zūm rooms are self-contained control units with primary logic occurring at the room level.  Central control systems offer scheduling and management.  ShowRunnerCLC™ provides a number of integrations options that allow the designer to optimize the solution design.

Integration Options

  • ShowRunnerCLC™ Total Control - The most comprehensive option.  Allows seamless (see Caveats) integration of Zūm and non-Zūm Crestron lighting control products.  Extensive feature set allows centralized control and management of Zūm rooms.  Advanced scheduler provides more flexibility to the facility operator.  This solution replaces the ZUM-FLOOR-HUB in the system design.
  • ShowRunnerCLC™ + AVBRIDGE + Serial Port - Provides scene setting and load control via a dedicated AVBRIDGE in each Zūm room.  Requires a dedicated serial port (C2N-IO/CEN-IO-COM2/etc) and a dedicated ZUMMESH-AVBRIDGE per room.
  • ShowRunnerCLC™+ ZUM-FLOOR-HUB - Provides limited scene recall and room status for Zūm rooms paired with the Floor Hub.  ShowRunnerCLC™ can export its own areas to the Floor Hub.

Feature Matrix

FeatureShowRunnerCLC™ Total ControlShowRunnerCLC™ + AVBRIDGE + Serial PortShowRunnerCLC™ (External Room Export) + ZUM-FLOOR-HUB (Mirror Driver)ZUM-FLOOR-HUB OnlyZūm iOS/Android Setup App*
Hardware Requirements
Requires Dedicated RS-232 Serial Port per RoomNYNNN/A
Requires 3 or 4-Series Control SystemYYYNN/A
Requires Physical Presence in Room to Change ScenesNNY, via Zūm Setup AppY, via Zūm Setup AppY
User Interfaces
Web Browser

Crestron SmartGraphics XPanel
HTML5 UI Under Development (Q2 2021)

Crestron SmartGraphics XPanel
HTML5 UI Under Development (Q2 2021)
ShowRunnerCLC™ - Crestron SmartGraphics XPanel
iOS/AndroidY, Crestron App (Paid Upgrade)Y, Crestron App (Paid Upgrade)Y, Crestron App (Paid Upgrade), Limited Features for Zūm RoomsNY*
Touchscreens (Crestron TSW series)YYY, Limited Features for Zūm RoomsNN
Scene RecallY ****Y ****YYY
Override Fade Time for Scene Recall **YNNNN
Scene SaveY ****Y ****NNY
Load ControlY ***/*****Y ***NNY
Demand ResponseYNY, separate triggers for ShowRunnerCLC™ and ZUM-FLOOR-HUB requiredYN
Enable/Disable OccupancyYYY, from Floor HubYY
Override Occupancy LogicYYNNN
OverrideY******NScene Recall only via ShowRunnerCLC™NN/A
Plug Load On/OffYYYYBy Hardware
Integration with Non-Zūm Crestron HardwareYYNNN
Custom Zūm Keypad Programming

Y, per individual button (1 through 4)
AV Keypad not required (v3.004 or later)

Y, Zūm AV Keypad OnlyNNY, within the limits of the hardware
New Feature Release CycleAggressiveAggressiveShowRunnerCLC™: Aggressive
Floor Hub: 6-12 months
6-12 months6-12 months
Room Organization

Under Development:
Categorization to Filter by Category/Tag

See ShowRunnerCLC™ Total ControlShowRunnerCLC™: See ShowRunnerCLC™ Total Control
Floor Hub: Category/Room


Room DiscoveryAutomatic Discovery of Gateways and NETBRIDGESPre-Configured at OrderShowRunnerCLC™: Pre-Configured at Order
Floor Hub: Map Mirrored Rooms to ShowRunnerCLC™ and Discovery External Rooms
Automatic Discovery of Gateways and NETBRIDGESN/A
Firmware UpdatesPUF Tool
Automatic Support on Roadmap

PUF Tool
Automatic Support on Roadmap

ShowRunnerCLC™: PUF Tool
Floor Hub: Automatic, Internet Connection Required
Automatic, Internet Connection RequiredN/A
Logic TypeEvent Driven
Profile Support (Under Development)
Event Driven
Profile Support (Under Development)
ShowRunnerCLC™: Event Driven
Floor Hub: Pattern assigned to Category
Pattern assigned to CategoryN/A
Astronomical ClockYYY, Per CategoryY, Per CategoryN/A
HolidaysPatternPatternShowRunnerCLC™: Pattern
Floor Hub: Hard Coded
Hard CodedN/A
Custom PatternsY, Advanced Scheduler LicenseY, Advanced Scheduler LicenseShowRunnerCLC™: Y, Advanced Scheduler License
Floor Hub: N
A/V Integration: APIYYShowRunnerCLC™: Y
Floor Hub: Limited
A/V Integration: Crestron EISCYYShowRunnerCLC™: Y
Floor Hub: N
A/V Integration: RS-232YY

ShowRunnerCLC™: Y
Floor Hub: AVBRIDGE per Area

BACNETY, ShowRunnerCLC™ and Crestron Licenses NeededY, ShowRunnerCLC™ and Crestron Licenses Needed

ShowRunnerCLC™: ShowRunnerCLC™ and Crestron Licenses Needed
Floor Hub: Y

BACNET Features

Per Area Status:
Active Scene
Occupancy Enabled
Individual Load Level
Photocell Level (per Photocell)
Plug Loads Enabled

Demand Response Enabled
System Wide Override (Panic/Emergency)

* More Features added upon request

See list for ShowRunnerCLC™ Total Control

ShowRunnerCLC™: See list for ShowRunnerCLC™ Total Control
Floor Hub: See list for ZUM-FLOOR-HUB

Per Room Status:
Daylighting Active
Device Battery is Low
Plug Loads Enabled
Occupancy Sensor Enabled
Current Daylight Level
Active Scene

Demand Response Enabled

BACNET Settings Scope
(What Points are Exposed)
Per AreaPer Area

ShowRunnerCLC™: Per Area
Floor Hub: Global

BACNET Points SupportedDepends on Crestron License and HardwareDepends on Crestron License and HardwareShowRunnerCLC™: Depends on Crestron License and Hardware
Floor Hub: 1000
Crestron FusionYY

ShowRunnerCLC™: Y
Floor Hub: N

Export to Zūm Floor HubY, LicensedY, LicensedShowRunnerCLC™: Y, LicensedN/AN/A
Floor Hub: Via ShowRunnerCLC™
System to System LinkYY

ShowRunnerCLC™: Y
Floor Hub: N

Minimum NETBRIDGE Firmwarev1.13.0020 (PUF Zum MESHNET v1.07.16)v1.010N/ASee CrestronSee Crestron
Minimum Gateway Firmwarev1.4469.00022N/AN/ASee CrestronSee Crestron
Minimum ShowRunnerCLC™ Version2.1982.198N/AN/AN/A
* Zūm Setup App works as long as the NETBRIDGE is physically near the iOS/Android device running the Zūm Setup App.
** Fade time is automatically applied if scene is set longer than 1 second. Must be triggered from ShowRunnerCLC™, cannot be triggered from Zūm keypad with current firmware (as of April 2020).
*** Zūm wireless does not support direct coupling of fade times and the behavior is different internally within the dimmer versus other Crestron products. Raise/Lower level accuracy is not guaranteed. For best performance when settings scenes, set the slider manually which will send exact levels to the dimmer.
**** Zūm wireless scenes cannot presently be read on command. Scenes should be created and saved from ShowRunnerCLC™ directly. Saved scenes are stored directly on the Zūm wireless dimmer and in ShowRunnerCLC™. ShowRunner will query the NETBRIDGE after scene recall and attempt to build scene information but operations are done one at a time.
***** Zūm wireless real time load status is not available.  Any changes to loads performed using the raise/lower functions in room will not be propagated back to ShowRunner.  Levels set by the daylight sensor with daylighting enabled will not be reported by v. Sometimes delays in sending load levels occur.  Feature is primarily intended for remotely setting scenes.
****** Zūm wireless does not support a true override but ShowRunnerCLC™ will disable keypads and occupancy sensors and recall scene 15.  The occupancy sensor enabled state and current scene will be remembered and recalled when leaving occupancy mode.


  • Consult Chief Integrations to verify sequence of operations if there are any concerns.  Zum wireless is not a direct replacement for Crestron wired and infiNET EX wireless products.
  • Zum Wireless has an internal rate limit that will shutdown communication if a number of commands are received in a short period of time.  This can be seen when repeatedly pressing buttons on a keypad as well as repeatedly triggering actions from ShowRunnerCLC™.
  • Raise/Lower operations from ShowRunner cannot track directly with the load response, see *** above.  ShowRunner will poll the NETBRIDGE for current levels ~3 seconds after the raise/lower is stopped to obtain current load levels.
  • Lower operations can turn the load off.  The load will not come on with a raise.  This is a firmware behavior in the Zum hardware.
  • Wireless control presents some additional latency possibilities.  Commands required to provide full functionality (load control/raise/lower) with Zum wireless are more intensive than traditional Crestron hardware and may impact performance under heavy load.  Local operation of the Zum wireless room is not impacted.
  • Real time load status is not available.  Any changes to loads performed using the raise/lower functions in room will not be propagated back to ShowRunnerCLC™.  Levels set by the daylight sensor with daylighting enabled will not be reported by ShowRunnerCLC™.
  • Keypad behaviors cannot be modified in ShowRunnerCLC™.  Some modifications are permitted within the Zum app.  Custom keypads can be implemented using the AVBRIDGE connected to the system via a serial port, Zum requires an AV specific keypad for this purpose; or via export buttons (Details).
  • Zum Partition Sensors do not report back to the system and cannot be used to handle room divide/combine logic externally to the linked Zum rooms.
  • Off Scene cannot be saved and is always room Off
  • Scenes 1 through 16 are supported and may be modified and saved.
  • Scenes with fade times greater than 1 second will result in loads being commanded individual from ShowRunnerCLC™ and may not be in sync depending on load quantity, RF gateway load, and RF signal integrity.  Zum hardware does not support a fade time as part of the Scene setting.  Fade times must be commanded from ShowRunnerCLC™.  Scene fade times will be ignored when scenes are activated by Zum keypads or internal occupancy logic.
  • Saving scenes from ShowRunnerCLC™ captures the levels set in ShowRunnerCLC™ at the time of the save.  ShowRunner will attempt to learn scenes as they are recalled.
  • Override/Override Level features are not supported
  • Load disable is not supported
  • After hours logic is not supported
  • Blink before timeout is not supported
  • CCT control is presently not supported (ZUMMESH-JBOX-DALI support may be available in the future)
  • RGB loads are not supported
  • Minimum/Maximum Levels are not supported when loads are being recalled locally.  ShowRunnerCLC™ will honor them when control occurs from ShowRunnerCLC™ except for raise/lower which is performed on hardware.
  • Dimming curves are not supported when loads are being recalled locally.  Use Zum app to adjust dimming curves if necessary.  Recommended to leave ShowRunnerCLC™ dimming curve set to "Unaffected".
  • BACNET support requires a processor hardware license and ShowRunner BACNET license.  BACNET point availability can be configured per Area.
  • Chief Integrations recommends one 4-series (preferred) or 3-series processor per building floor at a minimum.
  • Zummesh and infiNET EX devices are not officially supported on the same gateway, discuss with Crestron if needing both.


ShowRunnerCLC™ Total Control
Zum SHOWRUNNER™ Total Control Topology

ShowRunnerCLC™ + AVBRIDGE + Serial Port

ShowRunnerCLC™ (External Room Export) + ZUM-FLOOR-HUB (Mirror Driver)
Zum Floor Hub + SHOWRUNNER™ Topology

Zum Floor Hub Topology

Zūm iOS/Android Setup App
Zum App Topology

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